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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

new on DVD: ‘Shoot ’Em Up,’ ‘September Dawn,’ ‘War,’ ‘Resident Evil: Extinction’

See it:

Shoot ’Em Up [buy it]. From my review:

When I wrote this review last week, Shoot ’Em Up was “not yet rated” by the MPAA. Possibly that august organization couldn’t decide if this gloriously deranged orgy of Bugs Bunny-style action and nonstop gunplay warranted an NC-17 — cuz honestly, no one of tender and vulnerable mind and soul should be seeing this movie — or merely the hardest R possible, loaded down with all sorts of caveats about riotously sadistic violence, endless and clever vulgarity, and more than a few hints of twisted sexuality.

See it… now that it’s on DVD:

September Dawn [buy it]. It’s kind of a mess, but kinda riveting anyway, this based-on-fact drama about an act of religious terrorism on American soil in the 19th century. Even the cheesy Romeo-and-Juliet subplot is more compelling than you’d expect.

Skip it:

War [buy it]. From my review:

So: is it me, or does one not expect, when seeing [Jason Statham] cast against Jet Li — the Gene Kelly of cinematic kung-fu — in a movie called War, of all possible titles, that, like, the white kung-fu dude and the Chinese kung-fu dude will, you know, get it on in a bad-ass martial arts showdown? Is this not the entire point of the endeavor? To leave this out… would this not be like selling a flick as a cheap, cheesy, sleazy porno and neglecting to include a cum shot? If you’re gonna be stupid and exploitive and B-move-ish, don’t you owe it to your audience to at least be competently stupid and exploitive and B-movie-ish?

Resident Evil: Extinction [buy it]. From my review:

[T]here ain’t nothing new here. There’s bands of survivors decked out in the stylish Mad Max collection for Spring, Zombie Year 5; there’s the one poor sap with his secret zombie bite that will flare up into full zombieism just when it’s most convenient to the plot; there’s guys saying things like “lock and load” when on approach to presumed zombie nests; there’s a whole ton of blood and gore and undead flesheaters suckin’ down on the meaty limbs of what regular folk are left scrounging for survival after the world’s gone quite literally to hell. But there ain’t anything more. This is a video-game movie that can’t even approach the video-game thrill of killing SF monsters for fun.

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