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win some way cool Sundance goodies

The Sundance Film Festival kicked off yesterday — it runs through January 28 — and once again, I’m not there. I’m gonna be following what’s happening there through the festival widget you see below (you’ll find it in that position, below the center column ad, on every page of the site here), but it’s just not the same. I wanna be there.

Do you? Wanna be there, I mean? I wish I could say I was about to give you the chance to win a trip there, but I’m simply not that cool. But I am going to give you the chance to win some really neat Sundance swag, merely for answering a simple question.
Wanna win a Sundance 66North Jacket, a fleece, a T-shirt, or a messenger bag? (See images of the goodies below. The messenger bag is made from reclaimed billboards used to promote The Green on Sundance Channel. Both the bag and tshirts are being handed out at the festival. Go green!)

In 50 words or less, tell me why you wanna go to Sundance. If you’ve actually attended the festival in the past — or are attending it at this very moment — then tell me why you wanted to go.

The contest is open to anyone who has a U.S. mailing address. (Since it’s a new year, you can win again even if you’ve won stuff from me in the past.)

Please use this link to enter by sending ONE answer of 50 words or less (and yes, I will count them) and your U.S. mailing address

YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR U.S. MAILING ADDRESS. Entries without an address will be disqualified. Multiple entries will ALL be disqualified.

NOTE: Your email address and mailing address will be used ONLY for contest purposes. You will not be added to any mailing lists; you will not be spammed as a result of entering. All contest entries are discarded at the end of the contest period.

I’ll pick four winners, with the first place winner getting first pick of the goodies, the second place winner getting the pick of what’s left, and so on.

Deadline: 11:59pm Eastern time, Monday, January 28

The prizes:

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