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Sundance winners

I’ve got four winners in my giveaway of Sundance goodies. Entrants were asked to explain, in 50 words or less, why they wanted to attend the Sundance Film Festival. The winners and their mini essays are after the jump:
First place
Jay from Illinois:

One reason I have been interested in going to Sundance is to observe how folks predominately from Southern California handle the arctic conditions in the mountains. I’d suspect a number haven’t seen below freezing temperatures outside of purchasing BocaBurgers. Are parkas worn once a year easy to spot?

Second place
Jeane from California:

Celebrate cinemas, wear UGGs, warm up with Starbucks, stand in line for tickets, do nine films in three days, drink beers with friendly strangers, say “Isn’t that…?” an endless number of times, freeze your buns, and have dessert at Grappa’s. Went last year; long to go again!

Third place
Aaron from Texas:

I want to go to Sundance to be inspired. I’m tired of the drab mulch that Hollywood spews forth to spoon-feed the masses. I want new creativity that shows enough potential to cause a paradigm shift within the masses. Sundance is a chance for diversity.

Fourth place
Ashley from Massachusetts:

It’s depressing being in America now and watching the open society close, one lost civil liberty after another. Those of us distrustful of and not easily distracted by the circus crave meaningful cinema. That’s what the Sundance Film Festival has always given us, even before we knew we needed it.

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