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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

‘Doctor Who’ is evil

Apparently I was wrong when I said that the entirety of England has gone geeky over Doctor Who. From Wiltshire Times and Chippenham News:

A TROWBRIDGE Christian who renounced the evil of Dr Who in favour of his religion is selling his collection on internet auction website eBay.

Simon White, 47, became obsessed with Dr Who from a very early age and started collecting and building life-size models.

He shares his home in Boundary Walk with a full-size Tardis that he built himself, a huge Dalek, two Cybermen and model of Dr Who’s robotic dog K-9.

The collection, which Mr White estimates is worth nearly £7,000, was built up over a number of years but is to be cast aside because of his religious beliefs.

Dr Who and his materialistic obsession with it represents the “greatest lie that Satan ever told” according to Mr White….

He said: “God delivered me from the evil that is Dr Who, materialism and alcoholism.

It’s kind of funny, because just last night I was drinking wine and watching that new Pompeii episode of Doctor Who and noting how particularly in love with my widescreen TV I am when David Tennant is on it…

(via The Pagan Prattle, via Sideshow)

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