opening wide today: ‘The Ruins,’ ‘Nim’s Island,’ ‘Leatherheads’

(The Ruins didn’t screen for critics, but Leatherheads and Nim’s Island did… and I missed them while I’m here in Paris drinking wine in sidewalk cafes and getting seduced by guys named Jean-Luc and Alain. Oh, woe is me. I’ll catch up with everything next week and report.)

The Ruins
You know how they tell you not to drink the water when you go Mexico? Well, this is more a “don’t visit mysterious ancient ruins and expect to come out without having been impregnated by a rapacious weed that takes over your body.” And they say foreign travel is good for you.

Nim’s Island
A young girl goes in search of her father, who has disappeared on a remote island. Apparently he was a passenger on Oceanic Flight 815, and is now caught in a life-and-death battle with the Others, polar bears, and scary black-smoke monsters.

Director George Clooney is back with a romantic comedy about early football leagues and the snappy gals who loved the lunkheads who played the game. It’s romantic and comedic because the players aren’t running dog fights on the side or stabbing their ex-wives to death.

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