‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’ blogging: “Samson and Delilah”

Looks like I decided I shall snark a bit. And you all can feel free to discuss more in-depth in comments, should you be moved to do so.

[spoilers after the jump!]
So, the timeline is simply lousy with Terminators, ain’t it? I knew that Irish chick was bad news the minute I saw her, and I even joked to myself that she had to be another Terminator. Who’da thunk I’d turn out to be right?

“I love you, John, and you love me”? Talk about a mind frak. Why would John believe that? Lucky thing for him a fluke of computer programming or whatever made the whole “oh, I’ll turn the evil machine on again” thing work out for him, but it soooo could have gone in another direction. Or, you know, not, I guess, if John knows he’s a character in a series that isn’t about to kill of any of its major characters. And how sweet was her “terminator override”? Why, it’s practically a valentine…

Still, I’m thinking that John will be going off some kind of teenage deep end this year. Way to save the future, kid.

I loved the opening of this episode: it had a feature-film richness and stylishness to it. Not to mention a feature-film level of violence. At 8pm? Interesting…

Lesson for the week: Don’t leave a horny, lonely, mixed-up adolescent boy alone with a hot robot. Ever. It can only lead to disaster.

(Need a complete episode recap? Check out Fox’s official site for the show.)

(next: Episode 2: “Automatic for the People”)

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