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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “TPMtv: Bridge of Lies”

Because this is news you’re only gonna get from online muckrakers… such as Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo:

Well, Jon Stewart might cover this too, but he’s just a late-night comic, right?

(via Americablog)

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  • A decent first episode. I wasn’t blown away but the show has potential—enough that I’ll keep watching to see where it goes.

    Very X-Files. Which is OK, I guess, so long as it manages to give us something fresh and doesn’t begin to feel like an uninspired rehash.

    Time will tell.

  • Oops, meant to post this on the FRINGE topic. Having the comments link above rather than below the post confused me.

  • jenne

    “Well, Jon Stewart might cover this too, but he’s just a late-night comic, right?”

    You’re close… Stephen Colbert covered it last week on The Colbert Report.

    But yea. They’re just comics. ;p

  • Alli

    But, But, she’s a hockey mom, and she loves moose burgers and babies. Are you suggesting people should actually vote based on a candidate’s Actual political history and policies? That’s just crazy talk.

    I was on factcheck.org yesterday reading about the whole banning books incident. Even though Palin didn’t try to have certain books banned, she still fired the town librarian because Palin felt like the librarian didn’t support her enough. Does anyone else find it weird that Palin was so insecure/power hungry that she fired a librarian for not backing her? IT’S A LIBRARIAN! And she’s supposed to be a bipartisan maverick like he running mate?

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