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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

this is what ‘Life on Mars’ looks like

These are mostly for me, to calm me down and remind me that no matter what ABC and Jason O’Mara and Harvey Keitel do to their Life on Mars, I’ll always have the real, proper Life on Mars to treaure and enjoy.

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  • thank you, maryann. i was home and tuned in to the LOM-US, just to see if things could have improved a bit… like looking at a horrible accident out of the corner of your eye.

    but i couldn’t do it on my own. right after the chase scene and US-Gene kicking the guy on the ground, i had to turn it off. it was just too painful to watch alone without someone to snark with, or exclaim in horror to.

    and the cop lingo was even *worse* if possible than in the first episode.

  • Kate

    To be fair, I have no intention of watching the US version, so cannot evaluate it. However, I was recently horrified that my local newspaper TV reviewer, who normally I agree with at about a 98% level, liked this version a lot and even thought it was better than the British version.

    The mind reels.

    To that end, thanks for photos. Seeing that sexy beast DCI Gene Hunt has perked up a lousy day!!

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