bias update

obsession: Doctor Who (I just spent an obscene amount of money buying a bunch of DVDs of the old show, and I’m gonna start reviewing those — stay tuned)
boyfriend: Lee Pace in Pushing Daisies (cuz he’s just the cutest thing ever)
psyched: The Day the Earth Stood Still (stop it — I like Keanu, okay?)
dreading: Delgo (something about the animation gives me the total creeps)
enemy: anyone and everyone even remotely connected to the American remake of Life on Mars, the bastards

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eric-jon rössel waugh
eric-jon rössel waugh
Thu, Nov 20, 2008 5:59pm

I’ve noticed you’ve not said much-to-anything about The Sarah Jane Adventures. There’s been some pretty solid stuff in there. Series one probably had more concentrated good in it than both Torchwood series to date. And then that Joe Lidster two-parter that recently showed — whee!

Lidster needs to do some Who Prime writing. Get him in next to Moffat, Cornell, Shearman, and maybe-Gaiman, and you’ve got something insurmountable.