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‘Heroes’ blogging: “Villains”

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I wish I had a Kryptonite cross, because then you could keep both Dracula and Superman away. –Jack Handy

And if I had an Off button on my TV, I could keep away Heroes. Oh, wait, I do…

[spoiler-laden commentary on last night’s Heroes after the jump!]
I’m not sure I could be more bored with Heroes than I am right now. Though I imagine future weeks will challenge me in this regard. It feels like the show keeps folding back in on itself, expanding on specifics from the past we don’t really need to have expanded for us, or at least not in such excruciating detail, when it should be moving forward. And next week we’re going back to the eclipse, back to everything that started it all? *yawn*

So Sylar was a wimpy harmless nerd before he fell into Elle’s clutches? Are the writers just pulling crap out of their asses now? Are they kidding with the pie business… or are they trying to invoke the spirit of Bryan Fuller, who left as a writer on Heroes to do Pushing Daisies, which is just about the only thing worth watching at the moment?

Did we really learn anything here we didn’t already know, or anything we need to know, or anything that makes sense? Maybe one thing: Angela killed her husband (or tried to, and thought she did). But all that does is get us back to where we started.

TV shows are about character. We have to like the characters — or like to hate them — if we’re gonna spend time with them every week. I don’t like any of these people right now, and I don’t care about what happens to them anymore.

Who’s goin’ evil? Mr. Petrelli! Oh, wait, we already knew he was evil.

(Watch full episodes at NBC’s official site for the show.)

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MPAA: rated TV14-V

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