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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

another reason to follow me on Twitter and Facebook

Yesterday as I exited my screening of Hotel for Dogs, I was struck with a brainstorm: I could use my cell phone to text a status update to Twitter and Facebook with my instant reaction to the film. So I did:

MaryAnn has checked out of the “Hotel for Dogs” — her stay was silly but sweet.

But I won’t post these here. So if you’d like to get my first quickie feedback on movies the moment they’re over — before I can post a stoplight reaction here — then start following me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook. (Facebook fan pages don’t seem to offer a “status” option, so you won’t find these screening reactions on my Facebook fan page.)

Also: I plan on Twittering my way across London when I visit there next month (more on that trip soon). There seems to be some debate about whether my British mobile provider can interact nicely with Facebook, so I don’t know if those on-the-fly status updates will make it to Facebook, but you’ll definitely find them on Twitter. As with my trip to England in September, I’ll be blogging about the February trip here too. But those quickie Twitters will only be on Twitter

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