‘Battlestar Galactica’ blogging: “Daybreak: Part 2”

(lots of spoilers! assumes you’ve seen the episode!)

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So, the venerable battlestar Galactica turns out to be… the Golgafrinchan B-Ark?

I think that perhaps — and I mean this in all good humor, and in the spirit of fannish adoration — that we should collectively (and metaphorically… metaphorically) punch Ron Moore and David Eick in the face for flat-out lying to us about whether that Earth we saw 11 episodes back was the “real” Earth or “our” Earth or however we want to describe it. They knew damn frakkin’ well what we wanted to know by asking about that, no matter how we phrased it, and they led us to believe that it was our Earth and the only Earth we were going to see.

But now we see that they were tricking us again, that they weren’t, strictly speaking, lying, because our Earth — the planet you and I are clinging to at this very moment — is not the “real” Earth, that it merely got graced with a name from the myths and legends of our good Galactica folk, the great-great-great-etc grandparents of us all. Bastards! Moore and Eick, I mean, for lying to us. Not Helo and Athena, who really are all of our great-great-great-etc grandparents, if Hera is the mitochondrial Eve. How cute is that? We’re all human-skinjob Cylons. I so totally called that.

Not that I’m not saying it wasn’t a good trick on the part of Moore and Eick, mind. The small gang of geeks I enjoyed the BSG finale with all barked out our combined dismay/pleasure when we saw that famous outline of Africa (one of continent designer Slartibartfast’s finest, I’ll say). We did that a lot, actually, during those final two hours. Cavil putting a gun in his mouth? Who was expecting that? Kara using the notes of “All Along the Watchtower” as jump coordinates? (“There must be some kinda way outta this…”) I thought it was gonna be Sam who did that. And I didn’t think it was gonna be this planet — the one you and I are sitting on right now — that those coordinates found.

I don’t know whether I wish that was one of the things BSG left up in the air. I just don’t know. I think we’re gonna be unpacking the fantastical pseudo-theological implications of how Moore and Eick wrapped their show up for a long time — and that’s gonna be a lot of fun — and we certainly wouldn’t have had that if it wasn’t our planet the fleet ended up at, and it wasn’t our ancestors Helo and Athena and Hera and the rest turned out to be. (Actually, maybe not the rest: If Hera is the mitochondrial Eve, does that imply that no one else left descendants? I don’t know.)

I like the idea of Galen going off to his cold island in the northern hemisphere and, I presume, inventing Ireland. I like the idea of the Old Man building his cabin right next to Roslin’s grave and spending the rest of his days sitting on his porch and yelling at those damn kids to get off his savannah.

I would have liked to think that Kara was going to shack up with Lee and start making babies, but WTF? She just disappears? So she didn’t download and resurrect on the other Earth — this new Kara was just… what? an angel? Like the Six and the Gaius wandering Times Square 150,000 years later?

I don’t know that I would like to think that a Six and a Gaius are watching over us.

I do know that I sobbed a lot during the last 20 minutes or so, and I’m not even sure why. Except that I knew it was all over, and I didn’t want it to be.

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(Watch full episodes and get recaps at Sci Fi’s official site for the show.)

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