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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

MaryAnn wearing a red nose in Times Square (Part 2)

The crossroads of the world, with red nose.

I’ve been making a fool of myself for a good cause: so you will give a couple measly bucks or quid or whatever your local currency is called to Comic Relief to fight poverty all over the world.

(More pix, not just pleadings for donations, after the jump.)

Holy crap, do I look like hell in this one. My embarrassment must be worth at least £5. That’s only like $7.

This is true: Right under the big Lion King signage, on the second floor of the building, used to be an MTV studio where you could sometimes see Justin Timberlake or whoever the hell was cool for five minutes while they taped TRL. Also totally true: In my head (and in my Doctor Who fan fiction) this building houses the New York headquarters of UNIT. Though up on like the 30th floor.

See what a loon I am. You probably don’t even want to take home any of the cool Red Nose Day stuff I’ll be giving away at random to three people who donate to Comic Relief, cuz it might be contaminated with my weirdness.

The Virgin megastore is closing up shop for good soon. But it’s not getting any money from Comic Relief. Richard Branson is on his own.

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