MaryAnn wearing a red nose on the NYC subway

I’m wearing my Red Nose Day red nose all over NYC, making myself look like a fool in public, to raise money to fight poverty all over the world. And here I am on the subway in New York City.

If I can look like a loon — and look like hell doing it, cuz you get lousy pictures of yourself when you hold the camera out at arm’s length and snap away — you can give a couple lousy quid, ya cheapskates. Are you gonna miss £5/$7.50? I don’t think so.

You don’t have to be in the U.K. to give money, and you don’t have to give a lot: even one pound will make a difference.

For more info on my particular contributions to Red Nose Day — including info on Red Nose Day prizes you can win from me if you donate to Red Nose Day — go here. Or go directly to my fundraising page at Red Nose Day to donate.

(And hey, if you will miss £5/$7.50, then fer pete’s sake, you shouldn’t be donating anything, or imagine that I’m calling you a cheapskate. That’s for everyone else.)

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