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WTF? Natasha Richardson 1963-2009

How do you go from talking and joking to brain dead? How do you go from healthy and vital to… not? You’re 45 years old and you slip in some snow and you’re dead? WTF?

I mean, what kind of universe do we live in where this can happen?

I understand the medical stuff, the science. In my head, I get it. I just don’t… get it.

UPDATE 10:50am Thursday: I’m completely stunned that some people in comments below have interpreted my comments above as somehow disparaging to Richardson or her family. To those people, I say: WTF? Is that how disgustingly low coverage of celebrities has fallen, that your first assumption when someone expresses shock at the sudden death of someone young and healthy is that that is somehow snide, sarcastic, or meant to be taken as a joke?

One of the reasons I don’t cover celebrity gossip here is that it’s just so disgusting, not only how most of the media covers it but how many fans feel like they’re entitled to know everything about everybody, and how many fans feel like it’s okay to treat public figures as public property, and the appropriate target of anything and everything they want to throw at those public figures. But I’ve never done that here, and I never will.

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