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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

bias update

obsession: Doctor Who (my obsession with the show never really wanes, but it returns with a vengeance every once in a while)
boyfriend: Zachary Quinto as Spock in Star Trek (I wasn’t expecting that, because his Sylar is so icky, but…. wow)
psyched: Up (cuz it looks like one of the most original concepts in a long time)
girl crush: Amy Adams in Sunshine Cleaning
dreading: Terminator Salvation (I don’t want to dread, but McG makes it inevitable)
enemy: everyone responsible for Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (but particularly Matthew McConaughey, for being so oily)

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  • Here’s hoping you’re wrong about Terminator. It looks fantastic.

  • MaryAnn

    I hope I’m wrong too. I never *want* to hate a movie.

  • wow! your boyfriend was a surprise — since i thought i knew who it was going to be (i mean, you told me on sunday it was going to be someone else…). but i have to say, ZQ totally deserves to be your boyfriend. he was awesome!

  • Jurgan

    So am I right that “McG” is pronounced “Mick-Gee?” Because if so… that’s just hilariously bad.

  • Is there any pronounciation that would make it LESS bad? :)

  • MaSch

    bronxbee: Oooo, now the speculation can begin … Was it originally Jamie Foxx in “The Soloist”?

  • ‘Was it originally Jamie Foxx in “The Soloist”?’

    no. and that’s all i’m allowed to say on the matter.

  • Jurgan

    Originally, I thought you pronounced each letter, as in “Emm-Cee-Gee.” That was bad enough, but then I noticed the lower-case C, and realized I’d missed the joke. Now my heart is full of hatred.

  • Gee

    I’m clearly missing something. What’s the joke involving McG? For the record, I’d pronounce this like the Scottish ‘Mac’, where the ‘a’ is swallowed so it’s ‘Mk’, and then tack on a ‘G’.

  • Mo

    Who cares how you pronounce it (though it is the Scottish “Mc”) let’s just be glad his version of Spaced fell apart… that would have been terrible.

    Why does he always want to mess geek things up anyway?

  • Gee

    Okay – I’m still none the wiser. Who is
    McG and what is the significance?

  • Victor Plenty

    Dude puts “McG” as his official name in film credits, and you ask what the joke is?

  • Gee

    It was the ‘hilariously bad’ comment that confused me. I’ve never heard of McG before. I thought it might be some kind of wordplay on McDonald’s (seeing as how they like to put Mac in front of everything!) Now I see it’s the nickname of a director.

  • Victor Plenty

    Not just the nickname. That’s what I thought, too, at first, but if you go to his listing at IMDB.com, or look at the credits of his movies, he is officially listed as “McG” – as if he changed his legal name to that, or something.

    That’s what makes it hilariously bad.

  • Gee

    Aha! Gotcha! Sorry for being so slow :-) and thanks for explaining.

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