question of the day: What is your best reason to see ‘Twilight: New Moon’ (or not to see it)?

Cinematical yesterday posted “The Top Five Reasons to See Twilight: New Moon,” which includes:

Michael Sheen.

Speaking of the Volturi, Michael Sheen plays their leader. Sheen’s been around for years, and is certainly no stranger to performing in broad-appeal films, but his recent starring roles in Frost/Nixon and The Queen have made him one of my favorite character actors, making it a comfort to know that he’s in the cast. Sometimes a great actor in a small, but good role can go a long way.

And actually, that’s a really good reason, and one that I kept putting out of my head — not deliberately. The fact that one of my favorites actors is in the film just kept getting overwhelmed by all the many reasons I’ve been dreading the film. (Not to mention that inevitable fact that Sheen simply won’t be in the movie enough.)

So Sheen is probably my best reason to see the film. Until I read this five minutes ago, however, my best reason was that, since I had to choose between seeing Twilight: New Moon tonight or The Blind Side, which is having its NYC press screening at the exact same time, I figured that New Moon would be more fun to review — even if I end up loving it — and will draw more readers.

What is your best reason to see Twilight: New Moon (or not to see it)?

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