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trailer break: ‘Sherlock Holmes’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

It’s been months since I posted a trailer for this one, so I figured it was time for another (there’s at least three floating around)…

You know what’s too bad? That line about how they’ve been flirting for hours isn’t in the final film! And it’s really too bad because that’s pretty much all Holmes and Watson do here, other than waste bullets and save the world… or at least England.

I’ll tell you this, too: The opening Ritchie leaves for a sequel is so obvious that even Inspector LeStrade could see it. And so now I can’t wait for the next film…

Sherlock Holmes opens in the U.S. on December 25, and in the U.K. on December 26.

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  • LaSargenta

    Look, the movie will probably be great fun. I may even go see it; but, it really, really bothers me that this is supposed to be Sherlock Holmes!

    The books were adventures. Holmes is obviously a man of action even in print. But, this is such an over-the-top, steampunk-meets-FX extravaganza that I am going to cringe all the way through because my brain is going to keep having waves of This-Is-Supposed-To-Be-Sherlock-Holmes-What-The-Hell-Happened!

    I mean, the set design is even going to be making me cringe. If this was something less linked directly to Victorian pop culture (not our 21st C. idea of it, but the Conan Doyle real thing), then the sets wouldn’t bother me, but seriously….

    If anyone needs to see what looked like genuine Victorian interiors on screen (along with genuine victorian clothes), watch Topsy Turvey.

    Guy Ritchie could have done all of this stuff in the trailer but just made up a totally new hero! Then I wouldn’t have complained and, in fact, I would have PLANNED on going to it!


  • Pollas

    I love the Sherlock Holmes stories and when the first previews came out for this movie I wasn’t too sure of all the changes. But after seeing previews several more times I’ve jumped aboard. There’s nothing wrong with reimagining/reinventing older or classic literature/film. It makes it fresh again and you still have the original to go back to.

    If you want accuracy/faithful adaption, you can get it with the classics. You don’t have to rain on the parade of those desiring to tweak it in the interest of fun.

  • Bluejay

    We’re all purists about something. :-)

  • Lisa

    When can you write about it?

    Sounds like you liked it.

  • Barb

    I’ll have to keep an open mind on this one (at least the trailers are improving – the first ones were a mess). I also liked Young Sherlock Holmes. The studios are expecting it to be a hit since RDJ signed on for two sequels.

  • Mel

    As much as I would love a faithful Sherlock Holmes adaptation (probably with totally different actors), I think this looks like a lot of fun. As far as I’m concerned the ONLY thing it has in common with Holmes is some character names…I can live with it because they went so far off the rails.

    I’m very excited.

  • judy

    I understand you cannot write a review yet. But can you say just if you liked it or not? or did you already do that?

  • Alli

    Judy, Maryann made a brief comment on her Twitter about her initial thoughts. The link is in the upper righthand corner. Her response sounded good, and the green light is a good sign, too.

  • Dr Rocketscience

    Oi… months of internet angst, 100 comments here, and still it all just reminds me of this.

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