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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

question of the day: What movies do you find offensive that no one else does?

Today’s QOTD comes from reader/commenter doa766, who wonders: What movies do you find offensive that no one else does? Or, What movies do you see as offering a terrible message but no one else seems to notice it?

doa766 continues:

For example, I always thought the first Narnia movie was one the most offensive movies ever made, with Santa Claus giving a knife to a six-year-old girl so she can go to war, and a group of children marching to war with no training or any military knowledge other that a prophesy, but no one ever mentions this.

I’d probably pick It’s a Wonderful Life, which seems to me to be suggesting that totally subsuming one’s dreams and desires and needs to those of others is good thing, a noble thing, and if — in the end — you’re bitter at having lost out on everything you wanted for yourself, well, you won’t even be allowed the luxury of a moment of self-pity.

Your turn…

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