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I have discovered the weirdest, the most inexplicable Doctor Who-related thing ever on the Internet… and that’s saying something, considering the stuff that can be found on the Internet.

John Odum, writing at The Huffington Post, is very excited about the prospect of a Doctor Who movie. He links to a report about this that dates from September 2006, so you’d think his excitement might have been tempered by time and the lack, so far, of a Doctor Who movie… but that’s not the weird thing. Odum loves the idea “that the project is being pursued with an eye towards turning more Americans on to the wildly popular British sci-fi series” — I direct him toward the Fox TV movie starring Paul McGann as a remedy for this excitement… but that’s not the weird thing.

The weird is this: He wants to cast the Doctor in this movie not from among American actors:

I think that many of our politicians have had comparable experiences to those of The Doctor which could give them unique insights into the character. Here, then are five suggestions for US politicians who could be called on to fill the role of Hollywood’s Doctor – as well as who might be well-suited to play the role of the Doctor’s traveling companion.

(emphasis his)

If this is an actual Doctor Who fan speaking, he is unlike any fan of any stripe I’ve ever encountered before. And I’ve met furries.

1. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. When she first appeared on the national political scene alongside then-Presidential candidate Bill Clinton on the campaign trail, she was offered by her husband as a sort of “two for the price of one” co-president. When criticism from the traditionalist set followed, the electorate was treated to the new haircut and the cookie-baking. Once in the White House, she was the health care policy point person before reform when down in flames. Later, of course, she became the very archetype of the “stand-by-your-man” political wife during the Lewinsky era.

After her husband’s eight years in the White House were up, she became a New Yorker – and quickly one of New York’s two US Senators. On her own Presidential trail, she was the Democratic anti-Obama for many, and is now Obama’s head diplomat as the chief of the US Department of State.

Now, find me anyone else anywhere in the world who can better relate to the Time Lord’s ability in the face of certain death to regenerate into new bodies with new personas over the years.

Companion: George Stephanopolous.

This has been your WTF Thought for the Day.

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