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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

bias update: March 1

obsession: Canadian TV (and film) (because I’m hungry for something new and good)

boyfriend: Esai Morales in Caprica (not so much his character, though: he’s sorta sad and scary)

psyched: Alice in Wonderland (even though I’m still on Disney’s shitlist)

girl crush: no one

dreading: She’s Out of My League (for perpetuating obnoxious stereotypes)

enemy: Kevin Smith for Cop Out (because it’s such a sellout)

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  • Ryan H

    No idea if you’ve already seen it but if you are looking for good Canadian stuff try adding the movie Men With Brooms to your netflix queue. It’s got Paul Gross, Leslie Nielsen and curling.

    Lots of interesting characters (including a female astronaut) and a very dry Canadian sensibility.

  • we *did* watch MWB… don’t think i know any more about curling then i did previously. good soundtrack though.

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