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gee, and Hollywood is usually so respectful of the spiritual

“Is ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Selling Out?” PopEater wants to know. It answers this question by looking at the film’s “merchandising plan.” I think it’s safe to say that any book-turned-movie that has a “merchandising plan” can be said to have sold out. Especially a nonfiction book about a well-off white lady who leaves her comfortable suburban existence to travel to exotic places and hijack the local flavor for her own spiritual enlightenment. Am I right?

WWD — that’s Women’s Wear Daily, the fashion industry newspaper — says:

BAUBLES AND BLOCKBUSTERS: The Los Angeles jewelry brand Dogeared is making moves with movies. It has signed a licensing deal with Sony to produce a collection of jewelry, books and travel-related items associated with “Eat, Pray, Love,” the Julia Roberts-fronted film version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book. Fred Segal and ABC Home have already decided to pick up the collection, which is priced from $20 to more than $100. “This is a totally natural fit for Dogeared,” said the brand’s founder Marcia Maizel-Clarke of the involvement with “Eat, Pray, Love.” “We relate to the theme of a woman’s journey for self-fulfillment and happiness.”

Because self-fulfillment and happiness, at least for ladies, comes from buying crap that Julia Roberts touches in a movie. It’s a surefire cure for ladyblues!

PopEater quotes Stylite.com columnist Nadine Jolie:

It’s so freaking Hollywood. I’m not at all surprised that a movie about inner peace is being capitalized upon. Nor am I surprised that the writer quietly found zen and sublimated her ego… only to go on Oprah and trumpet loudly from every corner about how enlightened she is. That will be $13.95, please. Everything is fair game, nothing is sacred — especially not spirituality. Prayer beads, diamond crosses, first-class retreats in Bhutan, what have you.

Amen. So to speak. Though I am looking forward to the relaxing bubble bath that smells like a postcoital Javier Bardem. That’ll be nice.

Hey! Buy Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat Pray Love at Amazon U.S., Amazon Canada, or Amazon U.K.. No, it’s not ironic. I advocate buying things that are good for your soul and/or your mind, and books definitely qualify. Even crappy books. They train you to better recognize the good books when they come along.

This has been your WTF Thought for the Day.

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