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question of the day: What item have you bought — or wanted to buy — because you saw it in a movie or on TV?

Jenna at Jezebel attended the first of a series of free screenings at New York’s The New School of movies focused on fashion, and in her writeup she quotes New Yorker writer Judith Thurman, who introduced Annie Hall:

In 1978 in Nairobi, I got this bag. I got it because it was Annie Hall’s bag.

The rest of the piece is a fascinating look at how Diane Keaton’s clothing in that film continues to influence fashion to this day. But I’m more interested in the larger issue: that the things we see in the movies sometimes so overwhelm us with their coolness that we want to possess them ourselves.

What item have you bought — or wanted to buy — because you saw it in a movie or on TV?
I’m not talking about tie-in merchandise here, about something specifically designed by a movie studio and molded into a toy or a T-shirt to separate you from your money because you loved a movie so much. And let’s keep it real — don’t say you want a lightsaber or a wand from Ollivander’s (we’ll do fantasy shopping tomorrow). But money’s no object: If you lust after a sportscar James Bond drove, that’s cool. And vintage-ness is no barrier, either: If the dress that Molly Ringwald wore in that John Hughes movie was probably rummaged up out of a secondhand shop and is unlikely to ever be found again, that’s okay, too. The point it: The things you want, for purposes of this discussion, should be real and actually attainable (even if it would require a lot of luck and/or money to get them into your possession).

Have fun…

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