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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

if only humans and Silurians could work together…

…we could kick the V’s off Planet Earth in two 45-minute episodes. With the Doctor’s help, of course.

Doctor Who: “Cold Blood” is on BBC One tonight, and on BBC America, “Amy’s Choice.”

Don’t spoil “Cold Blood” here! (We’re already spoiling “Amy’s Choice” here.) My blogging coming asap tomorrow.

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  • Alli

    Actually, Amy’s Choice isn’t on this week on BBC America. They’re airing it next week (June 5th) instead. I don’t know why they think it’s a good idea to be 3 weeks behind the UK, but there you have it. BBC America is, however, having a Marathon of Doctor Who starting at 8 p.m. So that kind of makes up for it… Kind of.

  • Max

    Regarding ‘Cold Blood,’ that was another interesting episode.

  • Keith

    Interesting episode. Some things I didn’t expect, but the more significant ones I did. Will have to see if there are any future ramifications from some of the decisions in the episode (assuming the whole dream thing isn’t what is going on this season).

    Ooh, glimpse of Bill Nighy in the preview for next week.

  • MaryAnn

    Actually, Amy’s Choice isn’t on this week on BBC America

    Ah, cuz of the Memorial Day holiday, I guess.

    I should have actually checked BBC America’s web site…

  • Mo

    Murp! :'(

    I wonder if the North American networks were planning for a Eurovision preemption or something? Because it was delayed in the US this week, and Vampires of Venice was on Space because it was preempted by some tv movie in Canada last week. So now we’re both 3 weeks behind.

    The Silurians stumbling into “V” would be so awesome I can barely envision it. But it would probably kind of ruin the allegory.

  • Matthew

    BBC America put the two week delay in so they could get the Matt and Karen and Moffat over to do publicity in advance of the premier. Their guess was that the publicity boost would outweigh any downside from not showing the episodes closer to their UK screening dates.

    If there had have been a Eurovision break, then I don’t they’d have been fussed about being a week behind rather than two weeks. I’m pretty cure that a Eurovision break was never planned and the BBC America would have know this before the series even started.

    At a guess, I’d say that ratings are usually down over the Memorial Day period, so they’re saving Amy’s Choice for later.

  • Janet

    Not that I minded a Series 5 marathon but WTF with no Amy’s Choice? Perhaps with the possibilities of ratings going down they decided to see if they could get people up to speed and have new viewers added for next week’s episode?

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