small favors: Megan Fox out of ‘Transformers 3’

Megan Fox shall not be appearing in Transformers 3, due next year. It was totally her idea:

“Megan Fox will not be starring in Transformers 3,” reps for the actress, 24, tell PEOPLE. “It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best.”

It has nothing to do with the fact that she recently compared Michael Bay to Hitler.

Hilariously, the “real” reason for Fox’s booting apparently is because:

Par[amount] and director Michael Bay want to take the storyline in another direction and plans to cast another actress as the love interest for star Shia LaBeouf, who plays Sam Witwicky.

Adorable, how they think there’s a story somewhere in the stomping around and exploding.

I was going to say that, with Fox gone, Transformers 3 could now only be improved if we could eliminate Bay and the giant robots, but I’d settle for the booting of Bay’s pretensions.

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