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trailer break: ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

The final final final trailer before the film’s release. Could you die or what?

Oh my god, it’s gonna be in IMAX?! I’ll be able to see Edward and Jacob 70 feet tall! *swoon* I think I’ll die right there on the spot. Surely there will be piles of girls — and a few guys — who’ve fainted flat out from the overstimulation of it all. Have the IMAX theaters prepared for this contingency? This is “the motion picture phenomenon the world is waiting for.” The whole world is gonna be there, and half of it is going to absolutely plotz the moment the lights go down and dreamy undead boys appear onscreen. Oh, the humanity!

“It’s time.” “Yes, it is.”

See, now that is incisive screenwriting. It’s the reason the world has been waiting for this movie.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens in the U.S. and Canada on June 30, and in the U.K. on July 9.

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  • I love your snark about the Twilight movies, even though I’m a fan of the book series. I’ll go see this one in the baseless hope that it will be good.

    I guess I am an optimist.

  • Martin

    I can’t wait for this.

    What do you mean “it’s not the rifftrax version”? That’s the only version worth watching!

  • LaSargenta

    I’m holding out hope that someday soon a film of the adventures of Pat Califia’s vamipre Ulric get made into a movie with an actor with the charisma and presence of Liev Schreiber.

  • Isobel

    I enjoy a good vampire yarn (which most definitely does not apply to Twilight et al) and am currently getting my small screen vampire fix with Aleksander Skaargard’s portrayal of Eric in True Blood.

  • Brian

    This is supposed to be some kind of desperate apocalyptic struggle? A few dozen teenagers running at each other in the middle of the woods, with some crappy CG dogs? And no weapons? Surely someone would have thought to hack off a tree branch or two for a handy vampire-impaling weapon.

  • JT

    They really need to hire people who know what they’re doing to create those CGI werewolves…I mean, really. They look terrible.

  • Brian

    @JT: I think they blew their budget on pancake makeup.

  • nnvee

    I’ve seen parts I and II of this series. I didn’t so much watch the movie(s) as fantasize about living in that beautiful little town they live in. With it’s views and cliffs and lakes and pristine forest and no traffic and no pollution. WOW.

    By this trailer the Hollywood machine has managed to take the girl out of a girl’s story. If anyone has ever complained about Kristen Stewart don’t worry she’ll be completely out of this series by the 4th sequel. Pathetic.

  • I somehow think it would be difficult to take the girl out of the fourth book; I hear it’s all about violent vampire sex and the dangers of giving birth to little spawn of the devil.

  • Alli

    nnvee, Bella Swan is a blank canvas, a Mary Sue for the reader to implant their own thoughts and personality into. This story was never one of empowerment for young women, and it certainly isn’t a hero story with a female lead. This story, sadly, is all about hot boys wanting YOU, the shy, awkward 14-year-old girl that no one understands. It’s sexual fantasy and wish fulfillment. So don’t blame Hollywood. Blame Stephanie Meyer for writing this crap.

  • Orangutan

    I feel compelled to share an article entitled ‘Why Breaking Dawn MUST Be Made Into A Movie’.


    For those of you who haven’t read the series (I refuse to call it a saga) or haven’t done any morbid curiosity driven research, he is not exaggerating all that much.

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