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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

female gazing at: Clive Owen

Denim and a crisp white shirt? Yum:

A rare smile:



(Thanks to reader Isobel for the prompt.)

I’m posting pictures like these every weekday, of a man who is attractive and desirable, because I like to look, dammit — and because the female gaze doesn’t have to be such serious business.

(If you have a suggestion for someone we should female-gaze at, feel free to email me with a name or a link to a particular photo.)

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  • Isobel

    The man is a god.

    I even bought King Arthur on DVD because my friends and I like to have it on in the background with the sound down on wine drinking and chatting evenings because he is so unbelievably delicious in it!

  • Isobel

    Oh, and thanks MaryAnn

  • History of Bubbles

    A classic! Even all my straight guy friends are not afraid to admit “Yup. . . . Clive Owen is a sexy man.”

  • Kathy A

    Thank you!

    Although, I’ll admit that the first time I ever saw Clive Owen, he did not strike me as sexy. It was in the Masterpiece Theatre broadcast of Precious Bane back in 1989/90, where he played the not-very-likeable Gideon Sarn, brother of Janet McTeer’s Prue. He still had a bit of babyfat in his face, so the jawline didn’t pop out like it does now.

  • ariadne

    Wow, that first picture is absolute perfection! Excellent choice.

  • Joanne

    Clive Owen is a Good Thing.

  • LaSargenta


  • Doubleored

    I am a heterosexual man, and even I like looking at him.

  • Lisa

    Thanks he is one of those guys even men go ohhhh

  • Nina

    Think I fell in love with Clive back when I first saw him in Second Sight…… Gaaaahhhh & the love fest just continues. If you haven’t Croupier ( Clive as a bleached blond!), go hunt it down.

    Right up there in the intelligent sexy man heavens.

  • Brie

    This post is major WIN.

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