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female gazing at: Simon Baker

Reader Paula saw my post yesterday about Robert Redford and how I loves me the pretty blond boys, and so she sent a bunch of pix of Simon Baker. Of whom I heartily and lustily approve. And not just because he has an Australian accent.

Talk nerdy to me:

Oh my *fans self*:

Okay, so: a pretty blond nerdy Australian with stubble and crinkles?

I’ll take one to go, please.

I’m posting pictures like these every weekday, of a man who is attractive and desirable, because I like to look, dammit — and because the female gaze doesn’t have to be such serious business.

(If you have a suggestion for someone we should female-gaze at, feel free to email me with a name or a link to a particular photo.)

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  • kassia

    Hey! Good! I was watching The Mentalist the other day and was thinking of how great he’d be for the female gaze. I just wish American shows would let foreign people use their regular voices. Why does every show have to be about an American, in America? Sure Simon Baker and other actors can pull off an American accent, but they’re just covering up their own pretty voices.

  • Love his hair. Also a good husband and father in real life, but what the hell. I normally don’t like shows like The Mentalist, but watch mostly for him!

  • Althea

    Oh, now, see, THERE’S a smile I can get behind! No sharp departure from the otherwise grim and intense. Veritable light-up-the-room smile. Oooooh……

  • Isobel

    Yep, it’s his smile – he’s a bit pretty for me, but then he smiles and I go all melty,

  • Lisa

    Loved loved loved him in the Guardian, which was such a great show. In the Mentalist, eh, not so much. It’s not worthy of him.

    Prefer him with darker hair, not a fan of his blond blond hair. He’s a great actor though, beautiful smile, sexy specs, married to the same woman for ages. Too often, he is cast in the good looking bloke role and he’s better than that.

  • I_Sell_Books

    I used to watch him in Home and Away…along with so many others. Hello, Ryan Kwanten, Ben Unwin, both pretty blond boys…just sayin’!

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