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what he said: Patrick Goldstein at The Big Picture…

…on Jerry Bruckheimer’s bad summer, what with The Sorcerer’s Apprentice flopping, and right on the heels of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time sorta flopping by Bruckheimerian standards:

What makes things bad for Bruckheimer is that he’s been wrapped up in his self-contained world for so long that outside of his close friends, the legion of craftsmen who work on his movies and longtime Disney loyalists, he doesn’t have a lot of people rooting for him. In Hollywood, if you’re successful, people envy your success and root for you to fail. It’s in every bit of showbiz DNA. If you’re a super-nice guy, not quite as many people are rooting against you, but the envy factor is still there. If you aim high, you also have a few more fans, since everyone admires the tenacity and dream power it takes to try to make an artistic or ambitious film. But when you’re just making assembly line-style crowd-pleasers, as Bruckheimer unashamedly does, you don’t have much of a cheering section, since no one cuts you any slack for making movies that are just made to make money.

Emphasis mine, and I’ll add a snortle to boot.

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