question of the day: Which ‘Superbad’ guy has the best prospects for a long career?

Today’s question comes from reader Avi, who wonders:

Which Superbad guy has the best prospects for a long career?

Those guys are, of course, are the stars of the 2007 hit Superbad, which cost only $20 million to produce and earned $120 million. Those guys have gone on to regular work:

• Jonah Hill is currently appearing in Cyrus, and was in this spring’s Get Him to the Greek
• Christopher Mintz-Plasse stars in Kick-Ass, just out on DVD in Region 1; he also supplied voices in this year’s How to Train Your Dragon and Marmaduke

• Michael Cera, about to increase his fame-Q considerably with this week’s release of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World; he also appeared this year in Youth in Revolt

A few years ago, I probably would have predicted that Cera would have the best chances for a decent career, but he’s spent the years since Superbad taking on very similar roles: he’s already letting himself get stereotyped. Hill is clearly trying to stretch, and Cyrus definitely shows he has real talent. But I suspect that Mintz-Plasse could have the most luck: he can play villains, as Kick-Ass showed, and that’s always key to Hollywood longevity for any actor who doesn’t mind if he’s not playing romantic or heroic leads.

What do you think?

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