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screencap Friday: what the flick? #137 — now with prizes!

Friday fun! Here’s a screen capture from a TV show on DVD. Guess the TV show — you don’t need to guess the episode, just the show. And if you assume it’s something I’ve said I’m watching or said I like, you’re not necessarily on the right track.

NEW! Now with prizes! Guess correctly, and take your pick from among the movie- and TV-related goodies I’ve got lying around and need to get rid of. It doesn’t matter if you’ve won stuff from me before. It doesn’t matter where on the planet you are: I’ll send prizes anywhere (though you’re responsible for any customs or import duties a box of goodie may incur).

One guess per comment — no fair hogging all the guesses. It’s okay to guess again once I tell you you’re wrong.

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  • The Andy Griffith Show

  • DaveTM

    Dark Shadows

  • The Fugitive?

  • zepto

    The Red Green Show

  • Jurgan

    Ghost Hunters?

  • J.

    The Twilight Zone?

  • Shazam and Isis Power Hour!

  • Victor Plenty

    Gilligan’s Island?

    (As a side note, I recall reading that Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner can be sung to the tune of the Gilligan’s Island theme song.)

  • Jurgan

    (As a side note, I recall reading that Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner can be sung to the tune of the Gilligan’s Island theme song.)

    As can Amazing Grace. I believe it’s called common meter (I may have the name wrong- not a music expert), and many songs are written in it.

  • hergrace

    Dukes of Hazard?

  • Jason M.

    The Outer Limits?

  • Orangutan

    The Man From U.N.C.L.E.?

  • sophronia

    Alfred Hitchcock Presents?

  • judy


  • MaryAnn

    Nope to all.

  • JoshDM

    The X-Files is a
    With music by Mark
    With MU-SIC by Mark Snow-da-da-deedle-dee-deedle-dee DOO.

  • judy

    The Rockford Files?

  • Ide Cyan

    Night Stalker?

  • BreninAR


  • MaryAnn


  • Jason M.

    The Untouchables?

  • Jurgan

    Twin Peaks?

    I’ve never actually seen Twin Peaks but that’s what I imagine it would look like. I just enjoy random guessing.

  • Anne


  • Kvon


  • MaryAnn


  • Mayberry, RFD?

  • Jason M.

    I Love Lucy?

  • Rachel


  • BreninAR

    Perry Mason!

  • I already guessed, so I can’t say Monk.

  • PaulW, it’s okay to guess more than once on this thread if MaryAnn has already responded to your last guess. What she is generally trying to avoid is people who try to tilt the odds in their favor by guessing every TV show they can think of in their initial post–and thus hogging all the guesses for themselves.

    In other words, it’s okay to guess more than once as long as you don’t bogart the thread. ;-)

  • DaveTM


  • Orangutan

    I’m gonna go out on a limb… The X-Files?

  • MaryAnn

    DaveTM wins: It’s *The Munsters*!

    I’ll email you, DaveTM, about prizes.

  • Althea

    DaveTM, was that a random guess, or was there something that made you think of The Munsters? If so, what on earth was it?

  • DaveTM

    Whooo hoooo. Finally won!!

    As for why it was educated guess. Obviously it was black and white, fishing at what looked like night made me lean towards scary (hence my first guess of Dark Shadows) after that I could just see that guy in the hat running from Herman, but still a heavy amount of guesswork.

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