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the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Cop Dog’

He’s a dog! And a ghost! And a cop!

Don’t mess with man’s best friend! Ever since Robby’s father was killed while on police duty, Robby has been angry and alone. His father’s old partner, a police dog named Marlowe, suffers the same fate. So when Robby sees Marlowe alone and locked up in a cage he begs his mom to keep him. Instantly, the two are best friends. When Marlowe sees two familiar criminals in the woods, Marlowe immediately chases them-right into a busy street. By the time Robby and his best friend, Deb, catch up, it’s too late-Marlowe had been hit by a speeding car. devasted, Robby slips back into his reclusive state. But later that night, Robby hears barking outside. When he goes to investigate, he sees Marlowe. Soon, Robby learns Marlowe has come back as a ghost. The cop dog has unfinished business to take care of. His new mission is to help Robby find the two crooks and solve the mystery behind the death of Robby’s father.

There’s a trailer:

Billy Unger! Kuma the Dog! I’d been wondering where they’d got to. So glad to see they’re working…

On the other hand: Poor Corin Nemec…

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  • Well, at least we’ve answered an age-old question: Parker Lewis can indeed lose.

  • Isobel

    Isn’t that a lab on the DVD cover (I can’t see the video at work). Since when do the police use labs?

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