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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

female gazing at: Ben Browder

The thing about geek favorite boys like Ben Browder is they always seem to be in some sort of uniform. Or leather:

Or wielding a gun:

Not that I’m complaining, mind…

…but he could be naked more:

I’m posting pictures like these every weekday, of a man who is attractive and desirable, because I like to look, dammit — and because the female gaze doesn’t have to be such serious business.

(If you have a suggestion for someone we should female-gaze at, feel free to email me with a name or a link to a particular photo.)

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  • weetiger3

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Maryann, you have GREAT taste!

    I own the entire Far Scape series for this man. Never got into Stargate (although I tried for the reunion of Ben Browder and Claudia Black) and I admit to ordering bad movies from Netflix just to get more of a Browder fix. (C. Thomas Howell has not aged well.) Naked or no, he just needs to do more!

    (Oh, and another thing that makes him sexy? He’s been married to the same woman for 21 years.)

  • I_Sell_Books

    Oo, sneaky sneaky – and fantastic choice. Yes, leather, hip holster, it’s all good. Maybe he could wangle himself onto L&O:CI, the only L&O I enjoy any more…?

  • I_Sell_Books

    21 years? Good grief…I didn’t realize he was on the north side of 40!

  • Nadia

    I love Ben, specially when he’s with Claudia Black. I think he was much better in Farscape, in SG-1 they didn’t give him enough good scripts and they didn’t use his chemistry with Claudia. I guess they were trying to avoid turning it into another Farscape, but I think they could have made something better with his character.

  • Christine

    He’s almost obscenely good-looking. I heartily approve.

  • bronxbee

    (Oh, and another thing that makes him sexy? He’s been married to the same woman for 21 years.)

    *shakes head* i never understand that… what makes that sexy?

  • Left_Wing_Fox

    FarScape is still my favorite sci-fi television show of all time. Great writing, wonderfully creative, beautiful art and creature design, and a dynamic persistant universe with strong character progression arcs. Plus they know when to bust loose, and let the actors have fun with some really out-there crazy episodes.

  • Cate


    I’m in the middle of rewatching all of Farscape – right at the end of season 2 right now – and Ben Browder is just so adorable and hot and crazy good at playing frelled-up Crichton.

    (Now, can we get some female gazing at Karl Urban going on here soon?)

  • Dokeo

    @ bronxbee, on why a leading man in a long marriage is sexier:

    It’s not something that I’d think myself, either, but I guess it’s the idea that here’s a man who is very good looking and is also part of a Hollywood culture – in which cheating is seen as normal and celebrity marriages don’t last as long as a pair of shoes, and hunky stars are entitled to hot young women no matter how old they are – but he’s not like that.

    The sexy leading man who stays married for 20+ years, especially if his wife is not famous herself, is a good man, a solid human being who isn’t narcissistic and entitled like all those tabloid-fodder stars.

    That’s an appealing idea, even to me.But my cynical self remembers when people used to say the same thing about Mel Gibson.

  • Still waiting for Clancy Brown. You need more bad boys.

  • ben

    I found Ben Browder’s reading on the audibook of “Interlopers” by Alan Dean Foster to be entertaining… I’ve only seen him in a few episodes of “Stargate” and “Farscape”, but based on my limited exposure to his work, I thought he had leading man potential and I’m surprised his career hasn’t soard higher.

    Those who consider themselves among his “geek fanbase” should definitely check out the audiobook of “Interlopers” – his versatility as an actor can be heard in the way he plays characters of different ethnicities with wildly different accents (Austrian, Australian, American) surprisingly well… you can download it off iTunes and audible.com

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