female gazing at: Luke Evans

You will definitely be hearing more about this Luke Evans guy. When I saw him in Tamara Drewe — wherein he plays the hunky gardener…

…I just about swooned. Apparently he was also in Clash of the Titans, but that was a very silly movie, and I don’t remember him there as Apollo. The pix of him in character are too silly to be gazeworthy, so I refuse to post them here. Instead, look at this:

He’ll be playing Aramis — he definitely looks like an Aramis — in the upcoming umpteenth remake of The Three Musketeers, which I’m trying not to get too excited about either, because even though it also stars Matthew Macfadyen and Orlando Bloom and Logan Lerman (who is now 18 so it’s not too creepy to gaze at him), it’s from Paul W.S. Anderson, the hack who makes those Resident Evil movies. So just gaze at this in the meantime:

Also, Evans is Welsh, which means he’s got a lovely accent. And did I mention he’s nice to look at? Cuz he is:

I’m posting pictures like these every weekday, of a man who is attractive and desirable, because I like to look, dammit — and because the female gaze doesn’t have to be such serious business.

(If you have a suggestion for someone we should female-gaze at, feel free to email me with a name or a link to a particular photo.)

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