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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

was ‘The Event’ an event for you?

We speculated a few days ago about how much NBC’s The Event was going to suck, and now that it’s debuted, the real speculation can begin. (Missed it? You can watch it — presumably only if you’re in the U.S. — in full at NBC’s Web site for the show.)

[spoilers below, if you care]

I pretty much figure everything’s gonna be about wormholes these days, and that seems to be the case with The Event, too. All the jumping around in time looks like a timey-whimey metaphor for “We are unable to tell a captivating story in a linear manner, because we want to give you money shots of airliners disappearing into wormholes and stuff right in the first episode, instead of making you wait till the end of Season 2. Oh, and we don’t want to make you wait till sweeps week to find out whether Laura Innes is an alien or back from the future or what, so tune in next week when she removes her human face and eats a hamster for a snack. Which isn’t The Event, either, by the way.”
Did someone really think Jason Ritter could carry a TV show? He’s sorta bland and barely even there. But then again, the first episode makes it pretty clear that The Event is going to be all about plot, not character, so really all that’s needed are human placeholders to say ominous-sounding things like “He’s going to tell them about… The Event” and probably eventually “We’ve got to close the beaches!”

I might keep watching for a few more episodes to see if it perks up a bit. At least it’s not as boring as Rubicon, which I suspect is a conspiracy to make conspiracy theories dull. The Event has planes flying into wormholes, after all.

Important questions to be answered: Who are the prisoners in Alaska? Does the President of the United States really have a party pad in Florida? And if so many people are already in on this Event business, who are they keeping it secret from?

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