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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Firefly Intro… The Awesome Edition” and “Simon Tam M.D. Intro”

What if Firefly had been made in the 1980s? It would have been awesome:

And because they forgot Simon, they gave him his own damn show:

(via Bad Astronomy)

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  • Kenny

    Ok, they just won the internet.

  • nyjm

    It’s endlessly fascinating what Browncoats keep doing with “Firefly.” Want to see original content made in the verse ? Check out a full-blow feature length MOVIE : Browncoats: Redpemtion http://browncoatsmovie.com/ >

    And the Parsec award-winning podcast “The Signal”: http://signal.serenityfirefly.com

  • CB

    Holy crud, is that awesome.

    Of course, the actual show that followed that awesome intro would have been cheesy as hell and probably awful, but hey… in Firefly Fantasy Land, it can both have an 80s intro and 00s Whedon sci-fi sensibility.

  • Anne-Kari

    “And Zac Ephron as Junior The Clone” = awesome.

  • Todd

    Shiny! Just in time for Can’t Stop the Serenity!

  • JoshDM

    Simon Tam M.D. > > > > than 80’s Firefly Intro.

  • Eric Dale Eubanks

    Love the FIREFLY trailer; “it explodes with that AIRWOLF kind of power”*.

    *logline on an old movie poster — “it explodes with that Hemingway kind of power”.

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