question of the day: What are the worst character names ever?

Total Film recently ran a hilarious piece entitled “30 Rubbishest Movie Character Names” — their choices range from Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars (even as an eight-year-old, I knew that was a rubbish name) to Silken Floss in The Spirit (which is bad but one of the least rubbishy things about that terrible movie) to Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story (which may not be entirely fair, since the character is a supposed to be a jerk, and that name makes him sound like it).

Your turn: What are the worst character names ever? Feel free to expand to TV, comics, and novels, for extra fun.

(If you have a suggestion for a QOTD, feel free to email me. Responses to this QOTD sent by email will be ignored; please post your responses here.)

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