question of the weekend: What stuff do you really not need, and wouldn’t be sorry to be rid of?

AlterNet ran a story this week called “10 Things You Really, Really Don’t Need,” and as soon as I saw the headline, I figured this was gonna be one of those back-to-the-land pieces about how no one really needs deodorant or we should all do our own canning if we want fruit in the winter. Instead, it was a practical list that doesn’t pretend most people don’t want to live in a modern, high-tech society — I really really do need my high-speed Internet access, thank you very much — but merely highlights the ridiculous extents to which our consumerism has gone.

The list:
1. Microwave oven
2. Electric wine bottle openers
3. Bread machines
4. Neck creams
5. Beauty products tested on animals
6. Hand sanitizers
7. The latest product from Apple
8. Automatic toilet flushers
9. Motion-Activated Anything
10. Throw pillows

(Click through to the full piece for details and explanations.)

I’m delighted to say that the only thing on that list I do have is throw pillows… and yeah, I really don’t need them, and wouldn’t miss them at all.

You? What stuff do you really not need, and wouldn’t be sorry to be rid of?

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