what she said: Melissa Silverstein at Women and Hollywood…

…about how Hollywood is flummoxed by Noomi Rapace, the original girl with the dragon tattoo:

This summer she took meeting with many A list male action directors who according to a piece in Deadline expected to be frightened of her but were surprised that she was beautiful and sexy.

Hey guys, newsflash, it’s called acting.

Oh, the bit from the Deadline piece is even more enraging than Silverstein makes it sound:

As an insider told me, “They’re originally meeting her expecting this hard-ass on a Harley wearing leather. But she’s nothing like Lisbeth. They’re shocked to find this unbelievably beautiful and sexy fresh-faced actress with a wonderful sense of humor. So now that’s opening doors for her. They go into the meeting to ask, ‘Do I have a villain? And they leave saying, ‘Do I have a great female lead?'”

Translation: Female leads must always be beautiful, sexy, and fresh-faced. Female leads can never be threatening, leather-clad hardasses (though male leads can). Also, women can’t act, and just prance around onscreen being themselves.


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