question of the day: What TV channel could you not live without?

Have you cut the cable cord yet? Are you thinking about it? Is losing a certain channel what’s stopping you? mentioned a study this week that asked American viewers which television channels they required access to online in order to cancel their cable subscriptions. The results were interesting:

Here’s some ammo for the broadcasters to bring into whatever the next standoff with distributors will be regarding retransmission-consent fees. The Big Four finished 1-2-3-4, which is somewhat surprising given the notion that the broadcasters are the TV equivalent of wallpaper, nice to have in the background but not essential. However, Martin also noted that most respondents who wrote in one broadcaster, wrote all of them. That may validate the criticism that each broadcaster has no real brand because they try to please everyone. “Most folks think of the four broadcasters as a monolith,” said Martin. “This may be because consumers actually watch shows on all four broadcast networks, or it could be because they have no idea which network their favorite shows are on.”

I suspect that last bit is accurate: I don’t think the average TV viewer has much of an understanding about how the broadcast networks operate, and wouldn’t get that their “channel 4” might be NBC while “channel 4” in another city could be “ABC.” What that’s another discussion.

What TV channel could you not live without?

I’m not sure, at this point, where I’m so bored with most TV and the stuff I am mostly interested in is easily available by other methods, that there’s any channel I couldn’t do without.

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