Syfy blasts final episodes of ‘Caprica’

Syfy will air the last five completed episodes of Caprica tomorrow — Tuesday, January 4 — starting at 6pm.

I’m simultaneously sad, excited, and angry at this news. Is it worth spending another five hours with this series when I know it’s going to end? Why should I invest more time and emotional energy into characters who are going to leave me shortly?

Gah. I’ll watch, and blog my reactions, but probably not as intently as I had been doing: I’ll probably just write one post wrapping it all up.

And I think I’ll renew my resolve not to get involved with any new TV dramas until they’ve reupped for a second season. I feel like Charlie Brown facing Lucy with the football, promisining she’s gonna play fair this time. But she always pulls the ball away at the last minute.

More about Caprica at Syfy’s official site for the show.

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