what am I keeping? my LCD flatscreen and my desk…

Saturday was the big move-out day, when I finally vacated my apartment in the Bronx. It went much more smoothly than when I moved in, back in 2002, which was simply awful, and featured such enormous downpours that I had to throw my clothes away when it was done, they were so ruined by the rain and the general muck and grime of moving. Because of course I didn’t hire movers that last time, just rented a truck and got some friends and family to help. It was so unpleasant that I vowed to spare my friends and family the next time… which turned out to be this past Saturday.

But this time there was so little stuff to deal with that movers really didn’t make sense. I rented a Toyota Prius from Zipcar — Priuses are like TARDISes: bigger on the inside — to haul boxes of stuff to store with my friends Miriam and Jorge (who have a nice big attic that swallowed up my eight or nine bins of clothes and china and other stuff-worth-keeping and didn’t look any more full than before) and to get the few things going to my brother Ken’s place over there. With another car in the gang, it was just one trip to Miriam and Jorge’s and two trips to Ken’s place in Astoria to get it all done.
One of those trips to Astoria was with my 47-inch LCD flatscreen in the back of the Prius, and nothing else in the car at all lest it get damaged. Ken offered to buy the TV from me, but we settled on him babysitting it for me for the time being, in case I end up back in New York in the short term, in which case I’d certainly want it back. I’d hate to have to invest in something that expensive again, especially since I spent a little more than I strictly needed to in order to get one feature they turned out to be really worth it: three HDMI inputs, which meant my cable box, my DVD player, and my Roku could all be plugged in at the same time.

The other major thing that came to Ken’s — also on a babysitting basis — is this:

I know it doesn’t really look like anything special, but I love love love this table. It’s a lovely solid wood — maple, maybe? — and there’s just something very esthetically pleasing about it. In my previous apartment, it had been my kitchen table, but in the Bronx, it served as my desk, and it was the perfect size for spreading out all my work junk and still having room for my laptop.

But I think the thing I love most about this table — and ironically, it’s sort of the opposite reason why I didn’t want to part with the TV — is because it was such a crazy bargain. I found it at a garage sale in Connecticut in probably 1995 or 1996, and I paid all of $45 for it. I’ll never luck out like that again.

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