are “movies” automatically synonymous with “Hollywood”?

I know that Hollywood movies dominate around the world, but I got an unexpected reminder of that from a popcorn bucket at an Odeon cinema in London:

What strikes you about the quotes on the bucket? That’s right: three of the four are from Hollywood films — Jaws, The Simpsons Movie, and Apollo 13 — and while the fourth one — Four Weddings and a Funeral — is from a British film, it’s a British film that has often been criticized for being, as a British film, too Hollywood.

Odeon’s slogan is “Fanatical About Film” and I don’t doubt them, but it’s sorta sad that when even a British multiplex chain thinks about movies, they mostly think about Hollywood. It makes me sad, as a movie lover, that Britain’s own national cinema, which has produced some really amazing films in recent years, barely seems to get recognized even on its home ground.

This is only one small example, but still…

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