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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

female gazing at: Mark Wahlberg

I do admit to having a little thing for Mark Wahlberg…


…even though he’s not my usual type at all:

Though now that he’s no longer Marky Mark (who was not attractive, to my eye)…

…he’s really pretty cute:

I’m posting pictures like these every weekday, of a man who is attractive and desirable, because I like to look, dammit — and because the female gaze doesn’t have to be such serious business.

(If you have a suggestion for someone we should female-gaze at, feel free to email me with a name or a link to a particular photo.)

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  • LaSargenta

    I read this today http://www.theroot.com/articles/culture/2014/12/we_should_pardon_mark_wahlberg_for_his_violent_racist_past.html

    I would be interested in finding out where his mind is at today. I know for a fact that people can change, especially when it is the difference between being 15 and 40…and that’s not just the difference of 25 years. Yeah, I know it isn’t really about the Gaze, but it is about the person.

  • I was not familiar with his violent past until I read another article about this just today. His record should not be expunged. Unless. as the Root writer suggests, we forgive lots of others as well. Which I’d be fine with. But it will never happen.

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