question of the day: Can Michael Bay do justice to Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’?

Film director Michael Bay announced today, April 1, that his next project would be a 10-part miniseries adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel American Gods. Bay told reporters:

I’m so unbelievably pumped that I’m gonna bring this fantastic story to viewers. It’s loaded with all sorts of amazing shit, like ancient gods and giant battles between, like, the Internet and Loki. It’s gonna be epic up on the screen. The explosions will be awesome.

Bay revealed that Shia LaBeouf has been cast Shadow, the ex-convict who unwittingly takes a job as a bodyguard for Odin, who will be played by Bruce Willis. Megan Fox has been cast as fertility goddess Bast. Catherine Zeta-Jones is in talks to play, as Bay characterized her, the “badass goddess” Eostre.

American Gods: 3D will be broadcast exclusively over Bay’s own new on-demand service, Baywatch, which he also announced today, April 1.

Can Michael Bay do justice to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods? What do you think of the cast (and who would you have chosen for the major roles)? And how do you think Bay convinced Gaiman to sell him the movie rights?

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