question of the weekend: How would you dress up for a science fiction parade?

Tomorrow I will be attending — as a spectator only — Sci-Fi-London’s Easter parade. Sci-Fi-London is a big festival beginning today and running through May 2 — I’ll be seeing some films and will report on them afterward — and I remember hearing about its Easter parade last year, and wishing I could have been there for it. And now, here I am. (If you’re in London and want to join me, please see Cinemarati at for details and when and where we’re meeting.)

I won’t be in costume for the parade, but if I had the resources for it — time and space and money are all at a premium at the moment — I honestly don’t know what sort of costume I’d go for, anyway. I’d probably try for something original rather than an instantly recognizable character… something like a steampunk lady scientist swashbuckler might be fun.

How would you dress up for a science fiction parade?

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