Sci-Fi-London Easter parade fun! Part I

Sci-Fi-London’s costume parade came off beautifully a few days ago on a lovely Easter Sunday afternoon: I got sunburn, it was so bright and sunny. A few members of Cinemarati, my new movie Meetup group, joined me to watch the procession of geekitude along London’s Southbank. Some highlights:

I ran into these guys at the East Croydon rail station on my way to Southbank:

They said they were on their way to the parade — indeed, where else could they possibly be headed dressed like this — but I never saw them there. And it’s not like the crowd at Southbank was that big: a few hundred people at the most, and most of them not in costume. I couldn’t possibly have missed two tall bananas among them. Yes, we have no bananas:


The array of costumes was quite impressive. This lady Freddy Krueger

came complete with bloody back makeup:

More gender swapping: a gentleman-in-drag Lara Croft:

There’s always a Boba Fett in a crowd like this…

…and always an Imperial stormtrooper:

There was a contingent from Stargate Command, mustering:

And marching:

Arthur Dent, looking less lost than usual:


A shapely game of Twister:

That chick from Tron: Legacy:

From Pan’s Labyrinth? Or just a generic steampunk gentleman monster?

A Chinese zombie:

A very pale vampire protecting her lovely pallor:

Undead lady Harry Potter:

I was thinking Frank the scary bunny from Donnie Darko, but the guy behind the mask said no, he’d never even heard of Donnie Darko (these kids today! sheesh!), he was just doing a scary bunny from Alice in Wonderland:

(continued in Part II…)

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