I’m loving LoveFilm

It’s tough for me to miss Netflix in the U.S. too much when I’ve got Lovefilm here in the U.K. I do concede that Lovefilm’s streaming service needs to do some catching up with the number and diversity of titles that Netflix offers streaming, but I’m tickled to discover how many great films are being added all the time. Like these, new to Lovefilm’s streaming service and totally worth a look… particularly if you’re looking for something to do this bank-holiday weekend:

3:10 to Yuma
16 Blocks
The Lives of Others
The Hurt Locker
Good Night, and Good Luck.

(I’ve also added snarky new Real Ratings to these reviews. You’ll have to click through to see what they are… or watch me on Twitter or Facebook and you’ll see them pop up in your feeds a couple times over the weekend.)

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