what he said: Devin Faraci at Badass Digest…

…about why Thor has the wrong ending (spoilers, of course):

Thor has the wrong ending. I don’t know that a different ending would have made it a better film, but I do know that a slight change in the final minutes would have certainly made the character arc of Thor himself feel more full, and it would have made the entire film feel more purposeful. How should Thor have ended? Like this:

Thor should have been stranded on Earth at the end.

It’s as simple as that. Everything else should have remained the same, with the final confrontation on the Rainbow Bridge and Thor being forced to destroy the Bifrost, but instead of Loki screaming ‘You’ll never be able to see her again!’ he should have been yelling ‘You’ll never be able to go home again!’ Thor’s decision to destroy the Rainbow Bridge should have cut him off from Asgard.

I knew something felt off about the ending, and it was so totally obvious once Faraci said it.

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