question of the day: What’s the grossest food or eating-related movie or scene?

Over the weekend we talked about our favorite meals. Yesterday we talked about favorite foodie movies and foodie scenes.

Today, it gets yucky.

What’s the grossest food or eating-related movie or scene?
You know, what movies or scenes from movies do you not want to think about revolving around food or eating?

There are the disgusting documentaries about things we all (or most of us) actually do eat: Fast Food Nation, Super Size Me. There are the cannibalism flicks: Ravenous, Alive. And the cannibalism subgenre of Dr. Lecter: The Silence of the Lambs (“I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chi-an-ti”) and Hannibal (Ray Liotta brains for dinner). There’s Soylent Green and The Gold Rush’s boot soup and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’s chilled monkey brains and Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life Mr. Creosote and James Cagney shoving a grapefruit into Mae Clark’s face in The Public Enemy.

I’m sure there’s much more disgusting stuff that I can’t even bring myself think about.

Which food movie or eating scene puts you off your food?

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